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CASFI (Collect, Analyze, and Share for Future Internet)

CASFI is a 5-year-long MKE-sponsored (the Ministry of Knowledge Economy) project that focuses on high-precision network performance measurement and analysis. Our team started in 2006 as an independent research group who gathered regularly to exchange information on recent developments and feedback on one's own research, and had successfully turned our endeavor into a long-term government-sponsored research project. Today's Internet now carries many more types of traffic, such as VoIP and IPTV, not originally envisioned at its inception, and offers many challenges in network performance monitoring and management. We propose to develop sound and practical techniques for performance measurement and analysis of today's Internet, and gain insight for better manageability in the future Internet.
[Acknowledgement statement]
본 연구는 방송통신위원회의 차세대통신네트워크원천기술개발사업의 연구결과로 수행되었음 (KCA-2012-08911-05002).
This research was supported by the KCC (Korea Communications Commission), Korea, under the R&D program supervised by the KCA (Korea Communications Agency) (KCA-2012-08911-05002).




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